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Lessons From Mama Duck

After just moving to another state, God blessed us with a home on a large neighborhood pond. Every morning and evening I have the privilege of sitting on my back porch, watching the ducks and geese. I have two little families of ducks. Mama duck is followed by 6 babies waddling behind. As I observe these sweet ducklings, I’m being taught lessons on parenting.

Everywhere mama duck goes, baby ducks follow. How many moms are reading this totally understanding where I am going. As you try to drink your coffee or pay a bill, have a conversation or even go to the bathroom, little ducklings are following you around “Mom, Mama, Mom…Maaaamaaaa!” Our kids tend to yell for us with no regard of what we may be doing. If they need us, they need us. The thought doesn’t naturally cross their minds that we may be in the middle of something. They are always close and needy. The same is true with the ducks. She doesn’t take one step without them behind. I’ve never seen Mama duck shewing her babies away asking for a moment to just be alone. She knows this time is valuable. She knows this time is molding them for the rest of their lives.

It’s amazing to see how closely the ducklings replicate everything mom is doing. If she jumps in the water, they are right behind. If she splashes around bathing herself, they do exactly the same. They watch her every move and replicate it exactly. I’ve never seen her do anything that the babies didn’t copy. The way she eats, the way she runs, the way she sticks her head under water while her tail feathers stick into the air. As cute as it is to watch, it was also convicting.

Motherhood is one of the most weighty responsibilities a person can face. Motherhood, it’s no joke. It’s tough, it’s sacrificial and it can be so much pressure. We as moms should be very aware that our children are watching and replicating our behavior and everything we do. We are their God given example. As I talked with a friend I reminded her of how our children take on our attitude and reaction without even realizing it. If you receive bad news, how do you react? Do you cry out, “What are we going to do? Why? We can’t get ahead if we try!”. Or do they hear, “This is not great news but we know God has never let us down and won’t this time either”.  Our children are carbon copies of us. It is up to us to show them a life of faith and trust, not a life of worry and anxiety. When I heard, “Hey mom, they have really low gas prices”, I knew they had been listening and observing me. What 11 year old notices the price of gas?!! I had never discussed the issue with them but they observed from the backseat. You don’t have to have a speech with your kids for them to learn something. They are watching,  listening and learning as you live in front of them. If you are a Christ follower, allow them to see faith and trust in action. Don’t use statements like, “I don’t know what we are going to do”. Let them see you trust and obey. Allow them to see God taking your situation and making good things happen. Always give God the credit when He takes care of you. Don’t explain it away. Build your little ducklings. Do what Mama says, not what mama does doesn’t work. We learn by observation. As you walk through the next season, whatever that may be, visualize the little ducklings waddling behind copying your every move. It may encourage you to walk a little differently.


1 Corinthians 11:1 And you should imitate me, just as I imitate Christ.


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  1. Ashley, this is AMAZING and I needed to hear this today!

  2. Rachel says:

    I absolutely love this!!! Thank you for my encouragement today!