Wait…He’s Got You

What a year!!!!! Learning the ways of God is so exciting, frustrating, stretching, building but most of all molding. Molding of my faith, my character, my thinking, MY LIFE. Last year I was in a place of questioning God’s timing of revealing something difficult. This year I’m waiting on Him to reveal something grand and exciting. No matter what you are waiting for, I’m sure you are waiting.

In the midst of our waiting it is human to feel different emotions. Maybe you feel abandoned, neglected or just not heard by God. I had the opportunity to help someone in this time of waiting by sharing the timing of God in my life. In every moment a huge decision had to be made, I’ve had to wait. Every time I try to figure things out on my own and force answers. Psalm 46:10 tells us to “Be still and know that I am God”. Why can’t we sit back and let Him work things out? Oh yeah, we are scared He may not come through this time. Let me remind you, HE NEVER FAILS. He is working it out right now.

We over come this fear by the word of our testimony (Rev 12:11). In 1996 I was at a cross roads. I felt a tug at my heart knowing the Lord wanted to do something special in my life and future. I had fear of making a wrong decision so I continued to pray about it, seek counsel and confuse myself. What I knew in my heart was clear but the steps that I should take were not. I knew God was calling me to ministry but I couldn’t imagine how I would get there. As I stood at the alter crying out for wisdom once again, the guest speaker came to me and said, “You are called to ministry.” I opened my eyes, looked around and realized she was talking to me. She gave me clear instruction and I knew it was from Heaven. She said, “stop looking to your right and to your left and fix your eyes on Jesus, then you will know the way.” I still tear up every time I think of the word He gave ME! I felt so honored that He would take the time to speak specifically to me. The story didn’t end there. It would happen time and time again through my life. Every time my faith is built and every time I am reminded of how God works things out for my good. I always have the thought, “well, what if I mess it up or miss it?”. We are not God’s show dogs that jump through hoops to get a treat. We are His heirs, His sons and daughters, His beloved. If you can identify yourself as God identifies you, you can trust and lay back in His will and know He has your steps ordered and is working all things together on your behalf. God’s character is a loving father that wants good for His children. He is not playing hide and seek, He is only working out the details for the perfect time to reveal the plan. He’s got you. He loves you and is well aware that you are waiting. Let’s not get weary in doing good as we wait. Let’s celebrate the season we are in because we know it is only preparation for the next. Do not fear! Trust Him today!

with love,


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  1. Tammy Ogden says:

    Well said Ashly! And a good reminder. I needed to read this in this season of my own confusion, frustration, and anxiety over the next step. ~Tammy

  2. It amazes me how you’ve gone through so much and still maintain such a close relationship. You’re truly a role model and an inspiration to me.